I am looking for the moment when a child transcends his controlled and safe environment. Is this possible within the set frameworks of adults? How free and unlimited can a game between two people be?

The works I am showing are all based upon personal memories. Some memories from long ago, others more recent. By reviewing those memories, or certain elements, I play with its truthfulness and at the same time I try to understand and find its origin. Within these memories I stumble again and again upon the existence of the child. It is - of course - inevitable, and I have become a viewer of the child’s extremely important vulnerability. I would like to see this vulnerability considered more as a tool in our society.

I have used materials such as plasticine (you can touch the colored bow very gently), a piece of carpet I found in a former elementary school, photographs I found back in my own archive and modified stills from unknown video’s.

One of the works is a slideshow consisting of photographs in which two young girls are posing. The photos have been made around the year 2002 and I recently rediscovered them. My friend and I used my grandmother’s clothes and played for model and photographer, but I can only vaguely remember the actual moment. There is a tension in trying your grandmother's clothes and showing them in front of a camera; this is where, in my opinion, the nascent sexuality of a child can become visible.
Work selection
Portraits in Agadir
Fresh Cacao
Kids wrestling, romping, playing
Is this in or outside paradise?
Memories from Steiner school
Manifestation at the Fabriek, Eindhoven
Collection of drawings, photographs and sculptures
Verkrampt of acrobatisch of beiden
Moroccan wall piece
Moroccan goal
New sounds, new smells, new temperatures, new shades
de Greeff
Fresh Cacao
Overview on the first floor:
Memories from Steiner school - metal, plasticine
Untitled - oil pastel on paper
down (daUn) → (nAUn) stone (don) → (non) beans (biz) → (minz) - clay
Is this in or outside paradise? - analogue photo series from 2002 shown as slideshow on television
Is this in or outside paradise? - Analogue photo series from 2002 shown as slideshow on television
down (daUn) → (nAUn) stone (don) → (non) beans (biz) → (minz) - clay
Untitled - oil pastel on paper
Kids wrestling, romping, playing - digital photos printed on papier, yarn, plaster
Collection of drawings and photographs
Photo by Biek van Bree
Photo by Biek van Bree
Photo by Biek van Bree
down (daUn) → (nAUn) stone (don) → (non) beans (biz) → (minz)
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Girl leaning against a stick